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Oil Only Rolls

Rolls for covering surfaces according to requirements. This format offers the possibility of cutting to the size needed for absorption in each case. Available in different roll widths.

Type of absorbent: Oil Only
Capacity of absorption:
Roll 40/100_20/100 – 297 liters
Roll 40/50_20/50 – 150 liters
Presentation Sizes:
Rolls of 44mtsx100cmx400g/m2. Bag EP 1 Roll.
Rolls of 88mtsx100cmx200g/m2. Bag EP 1 Roll.
Rolls of 44mtsx50cmx400g/m2. Bag EP 1 Roll.
Rolls of 44mtsx50cmx220g/m2. Bag EP 1 Roll.
Application: To protect the surfaces from drops or damp. For cleaning spillage on machines, motors, areas where liquids are moved. To clean up hydrocarbons spilled in the sea, rivers and aquifers in general.

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