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Self-Inflatable Booms

The GRINTEC® RÀPID containment boom is designed for use in sheltered waters and ports as well as in bays and open water. It is made in PVC-coated polyester fabric and its floating chamber contains several self-inflating mechanical systems inside, entirely free of metallic components.

The GRINTEC® RÀPID is lightweight and easy to handle with an exceptional balance between size and buoyancy. It also has a conventional inflatable boom rate of compactness, what means that it is a perfect solution to stow high quantities of oil containment boom in a single standard reel.

Presentation Sizes: 1100mm sections in lengths of 25mts
Applications: containment of hydrocarbon in open sea, ports or those with a large amount of traffic of vessels, areas with possible currents. In rivers or lakes.

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