Our history

Casa Julián began being a special fruit shop. Julian used to give away glass socks for the purchase of two bags of oranges and also offered ham sandwiches with vermouth on the Sundays that there was dancing in the small meadow. His taste for roasts began thanks to a friend who had being in the “Americas” and presented Argentine roasts to him. Since then, Julián began to investigate and test until he obtained the slanted grill and rods that we can find, today, in the best meat grills. In his interest in getting the best meat on the grill, he organized Discussion Days, which were a meeting point for surgeons and doctors in the area, where they discussed which the best cut was and how it should be done. It was so successful that ended up opening in 1954 the grill Casa Julián. Little by little, their “piquillo” peppers, which in their land were almost never marketed and were only used to eat at home, became famous. Due to this success, the rest of the grills were incorporated in their letter. Casa Julián has been recognized as the most exquisite, and has also received innumerable awards for its special way of processing. For all of this, together with the great quality of the ribeye and their spectacular asparagus, make this grill, with only five or six dishes, to be in the first gastronomic line. In the sixties, while the process of mechanization of the field began, Julián Rivas and Ramón Goya, a butcher from Tolosa, replaced the veal chop with the hitherto unknown beef, becoming the first chop steak of this type. Before retiring Julián tried to convince Matías Gorrochategui, his close friend, to follow the steps he had begun. Matias accepted the proposal, conditioned to stay for one year to be able to learn all the secrets of the grill. Since then, Matías has been leading Casa Julian: more than thirty years roasting steaks. Today, his three sons Iñaki and Mikel (in the restaurant Julián de Tolosa in Madrid) and Xabi (in Tolosa) continue the tradition of roasts, using the technique that their father has transmitted to them. Nowadays, Matías Gorrotxategui maintains as an indisputable reference his establishment in Tolosa, famous for the quality of his dishes, especially the chop and peppers.